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Alonzo Garrett

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Founder and CEO of Zo Personal Training

Meet Alonzo Garrett, CEO and Founder of Zo Personal Training. After training at one of the top luxury fitness clubs on the Peninsula, Alonzo decided to take his passion for fitness to the next level. He believes in making fitness a way of life and wanted to dedicate his time, sharing this belief with others. He is committed to help you get healthy and improve the quality of your life, for the rest of your life. As Alonzo would say, "Stay Young and Strong".

Alonzo opened up Zo Personal Training Inc. in March of 2007. As a certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience, he provides an environment that allows you to feel comfortable as a novice or as an experienced athlete. He believes that being fit and living a healthy lifestyle can bring a tremendous amount of satisfaction to one’s life, physically and spiritually. The challenge of controlling your mind to force your body to overcome an overwhelming task is something of true value. He believes in focusing on what you need and making the most of the time you have invested in.

Alonzo, along with the professionally trained instructors at Zo Personal Training, emphasize and value the long term relationships with their clients and the community. They have established and proven longevity with several clients, who have first-hand experience to the quality, knowledge and expertise that they provide.

All of Zo Personal Trainers are required to keep up with mandatory education to ensure clients receive the most knowledgeable level of service in the industry.

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